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Internet advertising and user interest is measurable. Using traditional advertising media: television, radio, outdoor advertising, print advertising or brochures you do not know how many people saw our message. But for you, who chose the Internet as a means of advertising and promotion, it is possible annexation of statistics tool that provides important information such as:

Reviewing this information and analyzing the profile of your visitors, you know what they want and you can offer it fitting your needs.

Web statistics and SEO dictionary

The most important information we can get with web statistics tools are:


This term is sometimes confused with visits, but it should be clear that hits and visits are not far from the same. A hit is an access, a request to a file server; for example, on this page in addition to the php file, use an external javascript file, another CSS, and also the head and 5 small images, it appears that at least 9 hits nine requests for files. Clearly a hit is not a visit, and their number will always be greater than the number of visits. Let's define it as the number of file requests to be made to the server during a given time period.

Entry pages

Entry pages are those pages through which the user would access our site; not always access the main page. For example, the page you are reading right now is highly optimized to search out the "Web Statistics". When people enter this string into a search engine, you will be refunded this page, not the homepage. You enter this site through this article; therefore this would be the entrance page. Therefore, it is a statistic that we will be interested to see if a page in question is not working for us or gives us web traffic.

Exit pages

That page on which expires the session of a user. You can help us to learn what pages are less successful; no pages that normally have more departure points for others; in some sites, most people leave at the contact section.

Errors (ή 404 Errors)

When something is not the typical message Not Found appears, the browser can not show us that page because it does not exist or is not available at that time.

Keyphrases or Keywords

These are the words used by our users in the search engines to get to our website.

How much does a study of a websitecost?

There is such a wealth of information that can be obtained using statistics for your web site that properly leveraging these data can provide valuable benefits for your business.

The cost of studying a website varies depending on the size of your website. In Re:fresa through the statistics we can see the behavior of web users. At the same time, we note the strategy of competitors and offer a detailed site survey with suggestions, possible changes, options, etc.. Every 3 months we meet and discuss about the statistics.

We help you successfully install all the tools for access to statistical data. We ensure that you are familiar with the interface tools Statistics.