SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Millions of searches are being performed today through Google, Yahoo and all the search engines, many of which are directly related to what your company offers.

SEO - servicios web: RefresaMany users are now looking for products or services you offer. The method to promote your website and appear at the top of the search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the key to obtaining visitors at very low cost and is essential for the success of search engine marketing (SEM). Therefore, any company want to get a good position in search engines for keyword searches related to their industry.

Trust our expert SEO Refresa to ensure that your website is in the top 10 positions in all major search engines (search engines) like Google, Yahoo or MSN.

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SEO tricks

Once you have created your website, you must register in the search engines. Submitting your website to these engines can be a very expensive task. There are several tools to perform this task. Bookmarking Demon is a tool that allows you submit your website to several search engines at once and also organize your bookmarks using keywords, which can better position your website.

The following shows some tricks to improve the SEO on your website (in English)

The Title Tag

The Title Tag should be 60 characters or less in length. Having the wrong Title can kill your rankings in search engines.

The 60 character limit is because not all search engines are created equal. Some search engines will only display a maximum of 60 characters of text for a Title in their search results. Having your page Title cut off by some search engines is not what we consider "search engine friendly".

The Meta Description Tag

The Meta Description Tag should be 150 characters or less in length.

Not all search engines display the Meta Description Tag every time, but most all major search engines (including Google) do utilize and will present the Meta Description Tag in their SE results. Knowning how to optimize your Meta Description Tag can help increase your search engine traffic.

The 150 character limit is because some search engines will only display a maximum of 150 characters of text for the description in their search results. Keeping your Meta Description Tag under 150 characters helps insure your description makes sense to those who view it.

The Meta Keywords Tag

The Meta Keywords Tag should contain 874 characters or less in length (less is better).

The Meta Keywords Tag is not as important as it once was and many search engines no longer index words found here. With that said, your rankings can increase in those search engines that do index the Meta Keywords Tag.

The 874 character limit is a calculation based on the storage ability of most search engines. But this does NOT mean you should enter 874 characters here. In fact, doing so could hurt your rankings.

Basic Example of a Robot Search Engine Listing

The example listing below is what this Web page may look like in search results presented by major search engines (i.e. depending on search query used).

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